Bruschetta served at Harrys Bar Newcastle
Chicken fajita meal from Harrys Bar Newcastle
Chicken Satay from Harrys Bar Newcastle



When Jack met Judith at Harry’s

We have worked with Harry’s Bar for a few years now, providing our nightlife photography services (I AM VIP). However I hadn’t personally met Judith: the restaurateur, until my business partner Ian lined up a meeting for us about Snapsaver at Harry’s bar.

Judith an astute switched on business woman who understood the benefits of being a part of the Snapsaver partnership straight away, so the business part of the meeting was covered off rather quickly and we went on to talk about the industry in general and our experiences within in.

After the successful meeting adjourned I wasn’t ready to leave just yet, when you spend an hour talking about the food, drinks and nightlife industry, with the aroma of homemade burgers from the nearby kitchen viewing window filling the air, something happens to your will power haha.

So, I ordered the Cajun Chicken Burger which comes on a brioche bun with Harry’s slaw and fries. It hit the spot! It definitely wasn’t your average thin, meatless chicken burger that we have been forced to accept; but a big thick tender white chicken breast oozing with flavour. The fries: crisp and golden. The slaw: crunchy and chock full taste bud activating delight. At no point did Ian and I speak whilst we were devouring our meals. It was at that point I realised I could actually be in heaven. 

Note to self: I defo need to rejig my cheat day so I can fully enjoy their famous Sunday Roast it looks insane on their FB.

Jack Nunn