Cream Curls

Slice of ice cream
Make-your-own desserts from Cream Curls
Milkshake and cakeshake from Cream Curls
Handcrafted ice cream dessert
Selection of desserts served at Cream Curls
Dessert waffle served with a milkshake
I see you rollin'
Our hero.

Cream Curls


We are just around the corner from Spring, although at the moment it feels like spring already in the UK. Which inspired us to take a trip over to Percy Street and check in with our friends over at Cream Curls.

If you don’t know about Cream Curls, then I’m sure you have seen those videos where a person pours some cream on a cold plate and spreads it out as it freezes. Then with a scraper rolls it up into neat little rolls. This is that kind of place! It’s so cool to watch.

They do so much more than rolled up ice cream, such as waffles, cones, milkshakes, crepes etc. All of that stuff you know you shouldn’t be eating, but think “stuff it, it’s summer and I bloody want it”.

Their branding is on point and when you walk in, you are transported to a place of teals and pinks (someone has done their research on colour theory 😉). The staff are super friendly and engage with their customers with a warm and friendly vibe.

Check them out on Snapsaver when the new app goes live.

Billy Amann
Content Creator

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