Zucchini Pasta Bar

Freshly-made spaghetti with toppings at Zucchini Pasta Bar Newcastle
Independent pasta bar venue in Newcastle
Cinnamon sugared pasta snaps dessert at Zucchini Pasta Bar Newcastle
Hand-made Italian cuisine at Zucchini Pasta Bar
Truffle potato sides with garlic mayo at Zucchini Pasta Bar
Interior of Zucchini Pasta Bar Newcastle
Bottomless brunch at Zucchini Pasta Bar

Zucchini Pasta Bar


Visit Zucchini Pasta Bar For Authentic Pasta And The Best Garlic Bread In Newcastle

Found in the 55 Degrees North complex at the bottom of Pilgrim Street, Zucchini Pasta Bar is home to some of the best pasta in Newcastle city centre.  This venue is great for both locals and students, with a cafe style atmosphere, and quick, easy service from friendly and attentive staff. Zucchini Pasta Bar is usually busy – a great sign of things to come.

Before we even get to the pasta, we need to talk about the garlic bread. The garlic bread served at Zucchini has almost a hype behind it, with locals and customers all raving about how delicious it is. Trust us, this is seriously up there with the best garlic bread that you can get your hands on, and not just in Newcastle. If for some reason this doesn’t tickle your fancy, then there’s all sorts of starters and sides that you can 

Pasta lovers of Newcastle, don’t worry, the pasta also more than lives up to expectations. The menu is concise, but this is because Zucchini’s focus is creating great tasting, authentic, high quality food that is absolutely packed with rich and varied flavours. Each dish is unique, creative, and contains the perfect balance of ingredients so that no flavour is overpowering. There’s a variety of meats, including beef shin ragu, spicy fennel sausage, Italian meatloaf, and more, and for those that want to eat a plant-based and meat-free meal, vegetarian and vegan options are found in abundance – vegan pasta is also available on request for any of the vegetarian dishes. 

With 50% off food and drink using the Snapsaver App, you need to try Zucchini pasta bar, especially if you consider yourself to be a pasta lover. The food here is absolutely top drawer; Let us know on instagram if you enjoyed the garlic bread – we’ll bet you wish you ordered more! 

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