Smash Space

Art launch room at Smash Space
Rage room at Smash Space Newcastle
Painting made at a art launch room in Newcastle
Egyptian-themed escape room at Smash Space Newcastle

Smash Space


Break Bottles Without Breaking the Bank at Smash Space UK

We all need to take time to let off some steam, but sometimes we just need to straight up vent our frustration. If you never realised how satisfying breaking old junk can be, then this is your sign to visit Smash Space in Newcastle, the North East’s first rage room

Found just down from Newcastle’s famous Centre for Life, Smash Space aims to create a safe environment where customers can spend time relieving stress and having a genuinely unique type of fun. You’ll be provided with a jumpsuit, gloves, and a motorcycle helmet to keep you safe while you smash (pun intended). 

Once you’re suited up and booted up, take your anger out on a bunch of office and house supplies using a variety of tools and weapons. There’s hammers, bats, and DIY tools ready for you to wield as you channel your rage on some unsuspecting glassware.

Smash Space gives you 15 minutes to smash as much as you can. Items will vary between visits, however you can expect to usually find all sorts, including glass bottles, pc keyboards, phones, plates, and mugs. You can also choose your rage song if there’s a particular track you fancy.


Newcastle upon Tyne