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In need of a trim?

About an hour before an important meeting I suddenly caught myself in the mirror, looking a little unkempt. I needed to find a barbers and find one fast. Heading through Wallsend I spot a Burger King and Zagros Barbers with a car park adjacent. Great, I can kill two birds with one stone: load up some carbs and offload some hair.

Inside is a cool and refreshing barber shop, not like those stuffy old ones where the walls are a shade on the wrong side of green. Sitting waiting for a chair to open up, I took notice of the care and, I guess you could call it, craftsmanship. Now, Iโ€™m a little particular with my hair, but seeing these guys work completely put my mind at ease. I got to my meeting, full of naughty food and looking smart all at the same time.

Not wanting to miss a good opportunity, I returned back to Zagros Barbers to get them on to Snapsaver.

Billy Amann
Content Creator

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