Viet Cafe


Viet Cafe


On the opposite side of the cross roads to Greggs in what is likely to be the next spot of rejuvenation, evidenced by the brand new buildings on Newgate Street. We find Viet Cafe, a quaint little eatery serving up authentic Vietnamese classics. Not only do they serve some brilliantly constructed dishes, they have a small grocery store on the side where you can find imported Vietnamese products.

The guys kindly served us some of their most popular dishes (right). Obviously while we took photographs and shot some video of our food, our stomachs rumbled, mouths salivated and eyes grew bigger. There was so much food, we couldnโ€™t finish it all. But we did our best. There is nothing worse than shooting food and having it go to waste.

If you head into Newcastle finding yourself a bit hungry and fancy something a bit special, I insist you try out Viet Cafe. They are super warm and friendly, their food comes fast and disappears even faster.

Billy Amann
Content Creator

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