Players Bar

Players Bar


You know those “wild nights out” that I don’t go on anymore because I’m too old? Haha Well…

When you’re invited out for a few drinks with friends and one of said friends just so happens to own a few bars that you work with, it would be rude not to part take.

It’s been a good few years since I’ve been in Players Newcastle and wow how its changed. The last time I came to the venue I was probably an I AM VIP Photographer taking photos of everyone enjoying themselves on a night out. I took photos for 6 years before I hung up the Lens and focused on running the business, so I know the nightlife scene pretty well.

So anyway,  the changes since I’ve been in: The Circular dancers podium has been switched out for a big square centerpiece floating above the bar where everyone can see the spectacular dancers and not just one at a time anymore like in the old days. Screens everywhere players has always been notoriously good for catching big live sports events. Cocktails (OMG), VIP packages and even Master Classes should you want a little different entertainment to your night. Wow, things have changed over the years.

The Drinks are great and the atmosphere is awesome tonight. I think it’s time I rediscovered Newcastle Nightlife and turned this Blog into all things Newcastle and North East.


Jack Nunn