Pizza Express

Pizza Express



At the risk of sounding like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, is there a better food on the planet…. Erm hell no.

Whether you’re Hungover and feeling a little low, or on cloud nine shopping for new Holiday threads in the Metro Centre, that 5 letter word will transform the most accomplished adult instantly back into a kid again.

For me, I have the willpower not to cave on the pre-holiday diet, but any other time I’m down for a pizza and it has to be Pizza Express. The cheat of choice: to start, Bruschetta Originale with goats cheese on top (cold goats cheese otherwise it loses some of its flavour and I’ll spit my dummy out haha). Then the Padana Romana (because it’s bigger) no spinach (we’re not eating a salad here), with extra chicken (extra protein). We always joke of getting this order in reverse: Pizza and then the starter, because we love the starter that much. 

You can’t beat a pizza from Pizza Express Metro Centre: grab a seat with a view and watch the world go by whilst you demolish any of their tasty dishes. 

Jack Nunn