Nicholas Mark Hairdressing

Nicholas Mark Hairdressing

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A few years ago, when back combing was all the rage, not 60’s beehive but near as damn it. My GF had teased and dyed her hair to death it was to the point of snapping off and she even had a little bald patch from her hair extensions. When she spotted the damage and showed me it took some superhuman effort to calm her down and console her, she was emotional to say the least. I’m sure the girls out there can relate. Luckily my mum was a hairdresser for 22 years and I tend to absorb pointless info from my surrounding even when it doesn’t interest me.

I knew this wasn’t a total disaster but it would require some changes and some harsh home truths. First, she had to give up the back combing a little before she was ready to let go of that fad. Second, she was going to have to take her hair back to its natural colour and shorter to let it grow strong again. And thirdly, extensions were reserved for very special occasions (clip-ins only). Jesus! Reading over this, I know entirely far too much about hair, which might explain my run of girly cars Mini, TT and X6. Bahaha. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Anyway, so we set about researching to find a reputable hairdressers because I wasn’t going to let her go back to the hairdresser that let her get in this state in the first place. After a few hours, yes hours, of sifting through reviews, we agreed on Nicholas Marks Hairdressing, on Saville Place a few streets back from Northumberland street by the Uni buildings.            

Irina was the stylist a pure perfectionist, she took time and consideration with informing Amanda of her options a few hours later Amanda’s hair was on the road to recovery. Amanda swears by Irina to this day and her hair couldn’t be more healthy and beautiful (accept when she first wakes up with a birds nest on her heed). Irina has picked up a few more regulars through Amanda’s praises, some driving as far as an hour to get a trim.

Long story short I couldn’t deprive the Snapsaver community of this great spot so Amanda lined up a meeting with the owner and we got them signed up for you.  

Jack Nunn

Newcastle upon Tyne