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My Car Cleaning


Social media in business. There are those who haven’t got a clue, those who know the basics and then those who just know. I can’t explain it any more, they just know. They know the potential, they know the power and they know the way it works.

One of those people is a good friend of mine Amaar Malik from My Car Cleaning on Plumber St. Amaar and I are good friends, I’ve worked with him on several projects and help each other out all of the time. We have had numerous conversations about cars, car photography and social media. In fact, social media was probably the last major topic of conversation we had.

Let me rewind a little here. Four years ago Amaar and his buddies put on a modified car show. The first of its kind in the region. Yeah, we’ve had car shows, the ones on Grey St where dealerships turn up with F1 cars. Kulturshock is a bit different however, this is pure car culture, for the petrol heads that put more time into their cars than they do their relationships. Yeah I quoted Ludacris, so what? Anyway, last year was their biggest year yet, with this one looking even bigger. But they did most of the promo using social media. Posting everyday, building a following, being dedicated to the cause.

Amaar knows the power of social media, he even sees the power still in Facebook. Which if today’s trends, especially amongst the younger generation, are anything to go by is a bit of a shock. To me at least. But I am one of those who just know the basics. Though I am learning.

He has been turning this knowledge he has to My Car Cleaning. Spreading the word, people are now coming from all over to get some of the magic products he has. Here, you will find a whirlwind amount of products for your car. Things that I didn’t even know you needed to get your car looking effing splendid. Such as grit guards, microfibre towels, snow foam, ceramic coating. They even have a tub of Carnuba wax coming in at £999. Madness.

Not only does My Car Cleaning talk the talk, they walk the walk. They do provide high end detailing services, including machine polishing and ceramic coating. Which is awesome, because my car is desperate and I just want it to shine.

And every so often you may see a special car parked outside. No, not his slammed M2 Competition, well it is pretty special, but that’s not what I mean. Just yesterday there sat a Lamborghini Aventador, matte black with gold rims. Glorious.


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