Quick disclaimer: If you have a plant based diet, I’d consider skipping this blog post.

It’s Monday afternoon, after a pretty long weekend of running all around the place trying to keep it together. I’m sat here wishing that I hadn’t taken the quick lunch at home option. I now have a craving for some tasty af food.

It may be because I am sat here thinking about what to write for a blog post on Kracklin, or it may be because my lunch was, well meh.

“Kracklin. What is it, where is it, and why should I care?” I can hear your inner monologue playing.

Kracklin is a meat based lunch spot on Market Street and you should care because it’s freakin’ amazing. Want Porchetta? Bam! Covered (It’s in the name baby). Want a reuben? Double bam. Covered again. Not feeling the meaty side of lunch? That’s cool, my delicate little flower, they have a badass inside out grilled cheese sandwich, made with american, swiss and mozzarella cheese. That’s a whole three countries worth of cheese. All hanging out with some jalapeno jelly and slaw.

These ladies do not mess around, I’m tellin’ ya. It’s all locally sourced and a globally brilliant. With so much more on the menu than the three mentioned above. More popular on a Friday and Saturday when those who watch what they eat turn a blind eye to temptation. I don’t need to urge to you go there, your hungry little tummy will on Friday when you’ve had enough of lettuce and tomatoes.


Billy Amann
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