In our last video we visited Gulshan over in Tynemouth. I have known the owners Suff and Mamzy for a long damn time. In fact all of us here at Snapsaver have. Though I met the Rahmans through my best mate. We’d all go out on a Monday night to Tiger Tiger and get a little bit shit faced. Or I did. Not sure about anyone else to be honest.

I remember the first time I went to visit Suff at Gulshan. I was blown away by how awesomely it was put together. It was a huge departure from their old restaurant in Whitley Bay. Think of the typical traditional Indian restaurants, and that’s what Takdir was. Now think of the opposite and that’s what Gulshan is. Exposed brick, mixed with exquisitely crafted wood work, gold and purple fixtures. Blending rustic, traditional and contemporary design beautifully.

Since, Takdir has gone through a huge transformation. The boys have really changed things, but that is another blog post entirely.

Back to Gulshan and their food. So you’ll get the traditional stuff like Korma and Balti. But they throw new things into the mix like Swordfish and halloumi fries. Their menu is vast, but not overwhelming, so you would never feel like you couldn’t choose. Even if you were in two minds, Suff and the staff there would quickly and easily point you in the right direction.

Constantly pushing things in the region, a number of restaurants are playing catchup with the Rahman boys. Since they introduced cocktails, I have seen so many indian restaurants follow suit. Even their dishes and decor are being copied elsewhere. I guess there is no better compliment than that.

We can’t recommend visiting Gulshan enough. They are the trend setters of the regions spice world, their food is on point and so are their drinks.

Billy Amann
Content Creator

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